Challenge Accepted.

Challenge Accepted

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Okay. I laughed.

When I first read the newest Naruto chapter (630) I smiled and thought it was really nice how Sakura was being supportive of Naruto.  It reminded me of Kakashi’s friendship speeches.  But then I re-read it.

And I laughed.

Because it couldn’t be any more obvious where Kishimoto is going when it comes to pairings (well it could, but it’s too early for that).  The comparison… is just… uncanny.  Chapter 615, complete with romantic undertones, compared to Chapter 630, surrounded by companionship; there is a vast difference between Sakura and Hinata’s interactions with Naruto. 

This is painfully clear.  And he’s doing it on purpose.  Before I compare the two, did you notice how Naruto doesn’t react to Sakura at all? I did.  Blank stares everywhere! The main difference between the speeches aside from the fact that one girl is centered around romance (and was a lot longer) and one isn’t?  Hinata is talking to Naruto.  Sakura is talking about Naruto, which is no different than anyone else giving a friendship about him.  Ahem. Okay.

Chapter 615


Oh gosh.  That stare.  Go girl, wake his ass up!  Stare into each others eyes.


Hey! Hinata is talking in honor of her cousin that just died.  Maybe she does care about him after all, ne? 


Oh look, she started the whole thing in regards to everyone being connected and comrades.  Naruto surely picked up on that and went on about friendship even more than after she gave her speech.  Looks like everyone else picked up on it too.


Damn this is a long speech.  Wait… Naruto is remembering Neji’s words that Hinata is willing to die for him.  Significant.  Oh shit~ The girl that is in love with Naruto is caressing his cheek.  Telling him to stand with her, reminding him of their nindou.  How sweet and romantic.


Well that’s some major emphasis on Naruto grabbing Hinata’s hand. And he thanks her! At least we got a reaction from him.

imageNaruto realizes his life is not just his own…… Because it’s thanks to Hinata that has stayed at his side. Thanks Hinata for making Naruto realize that everyone is connected! and that you two share a life

Holding hands is a romantic gesture.  There is also, like I said before, a lot of emphasis on it for it to be passed off as some chakra transfer tool.  A high five or touch to the back doesn’t even compare.


More emphasis on the hand holding, Hinata thinking Naruto’s hand makes her feel safe… Aw… Cute.  Him and her being the first ones to power up together.  Sweeeeet.

So.  Look at that.  And then look at this. 

Chapter 630


Sakura is healing Naruto… okay still doing her job… he’s not looking at her… She looks a bit frustrated… Hm…


Sakura recalls Naruto’s words about having his friends with him (which were more than likely inspired by Hinata’s speech anyway), and she says…

"He’s making us realize that he considers all of us his comrades!!”
Herself included.  Sakura isn’t singled out as the girl he loves.  :3
Naruto still not reacting to her.

But this is good for her character.  She’s being a great leader too. :)


Only three pages? That’s it?

Naruto is still staring out into the distance.

Aw, Sakura is really motivated though.  I’m happy to see that. Go Sakura-chan! She’s right and she’s making the others realize that they have to keep fighting.  She vows to give Naruto a full recovery; supporting her friend and reminding everyone about comrades.

So what do these pages link to?

Chapter 573




Romance based.  Did she not stand with him and hold his hand?  Yes she did.  Technically, Naruto held Hinata’s but that’s besides the point.  The only thing is Hinata said “after” this war is over, all this stuff would happen.  This leads me to believe that more will come after the war is over, including her walking with him.  She stopped chasing.  She saved him from despair instead of him saving her.


Support/friendship based.  Sakura healing Naruto now and supporting her friend is doing exactly what she said here.  Actually…..

not just me… we’re going to all fight together this time!”

Some people tend to ignore the last part of her speech, which automatically cancels out any hint of romance.  Romance doesn’t involve “everyone”.  It’s about the two people involved.  Sakura clearly says it won’t just be her fighting with Naruto. 

Really.  The pages speak for themselves.  I really don’t have to go into great detail, so I didn’t.  Just the basics.  If you can’t see the difference between the two scenes, then you are either delusional, in denial, or lack reading comprehension.  I believe that Naruto’s lack of response to Sakura is also a red flag in regards to NaruSaku.  He’s yet to have a meaningful interaction with her during the war at all.  There hasn’t been anything mutual.  And lets face it, even if he did say at least “thanks” to Sakura healing him or her speech, it’s not the reaction he gave to Hinata. 

I can even mention last chapter also.  Sakura says she will heal Naruto and he gives no reaction.  Hinata steps up and tells everyone to join forces? He gives a smile/grin.


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