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I've watched and read a ton of series, so I have more ships that I like. Too many to list. But I will say that I ship IchiHime in Bleach, so beware.

That “famous” NaruSaku bridal scene in road to ninja lasted 3 seconds and was done by a BUNSHIN.

LMAO. All that hype! Okay NS, you can have your filler. NaruHina has the manga.

I also read Sasuke was in the movie because Sakura desired him to be? Awesome. She was very very happy about the rose by the way. :)

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    Yep. NaruHina and SasuSaku ain’t have need of those fillers, movies, parallels, whatevers to stand and run for...
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    f*uck that. Itachi did bridal style to sakura too and hold her arm for long. then does that make them CANON...
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    Seriously. Did people miss the part when I said I don’t care if you enjoy a pairing moment, I just don’t want it to...
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    "But mom! he started it!!!!" Is what your logic for the retardation of you and your fandom boils down to. I’m seeing...
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    This was tagged as “Road To Ninja” and I found it there. I have no interest in going into your naruhina-sasusaku tags,...
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