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Challenge Accepted

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Look how obvious it is that it’s always been SasuSaku and Naruhina, the first pictures are from the beginning of part 1 which clearly show SS and NH and then the 2nd pictures are from almost 300 chapters later and it’s still SS and NH and then over another 300 chapters later we get more SS and NH and it’s even developed way further, as the first 2 were both Sakura to Sasuke, and Hinata to Naruto but now we have Sasuke to Sakura, and Naruto to Hinata, and where is NS’s versions of all these? oh right they have none because it has always been SS and NH and I don’t even know how anyone can deny it at this point……Kishi has basically been shoving it in our face since 1999….

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Can I just thank the SS/NH fandom for not going as far as to constantly harass someone who 'apparently' works for the Naruto movies


Like seriously. Whether this “Takanashi” person is legit or not (as facebook is still highly unreliable but i’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for the sake of this rant), I think it is extremely rude, disrespectful, and downright shallow as hell to harass this guy about your petty shipping shit…

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Anonymous asked: You are my trusted Gruvia guide...I just finished chatting with someone who claims that Hiro Mashima apparently said he prefers Graylu but would rather cater to the fans by giving us Gruvia. I've only been a part of this fandom for a few months so I have to ask if you know anything about this.


Aww that’s lovely, anon! And whoever it was you were chatting with was lying to you. Mashima never stated any such thing, and if this person still claims that he did, ask them to show some place where he stated it (a scan, or an interview, or a tweet of his, etc.), because they wont be able to, since it doesn’t exist.

In fact, the only time Mashima mentioned a preference for a Gray pairing, was when a fan asked him on twitter if he liked Gray and Juvia together, and he said he does like the combination of the two, and he also likes their current one-sided relationship, but who knows what will happen between them in the future (and that last bit was said in a very teasing tone). ^__~

Mashima’s tweet:

If Mashima was truly going by popularity, and trying to please the fans, then Gray and Lucy would have happened over Gruvia, and/or Mashima would have created some kind of love triangle between Natsu, Lucy and Gray. Because, before the Tenroujima arc, Gray and Lucy was a far more popular ship than Gruvia. Juvia was not a prominent character at all prior to that arc, and was in fact missing from two arcs back-to-back.

Additionally, Juvia’s feelings for Gray were widely viewed as just a comedic crush that would go no where (I certainly felt that way at the time). So, many people did not take it seriously, and did not ship it.

Therefore, as you can see, if Mashima was doing things to simply appease the fans, then Gray and Lucy would have been pushed rather than Gruvia making progress. IMO, the second Juvia was introduced into the story, Mashima had already decided on her being Gray’s love interest, and it was just a matter of time before he started expanding on both their relationship, and Juvia’s role in the series. 

And Gruvia is only so popular now because Mashima himself made it so. He has created all these moments, and constantly developed their relationship, and gave people many reasons to ship it. So, the fans actually are following Mashima’s lead, not the other way around. Gruvia is popular and gets featured as much as it does because Mashima wants it to be so. HE likes Gruvia. He is the captain of the Gruvia ship hee! ^^

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The “Love” Section

When Gemini copied Gray, they revealed a little of Gray’s thoughts. His initial thoughts of Lucy were “pretty darn cute” and “somewhat interested in her” but there are no further developments in their relationship. Instead,they share a “comfortable friendship” with each other. Also, he often treats Juvia’s intense approaches harshly but there are times where he will take her hand and tell her kind words like “I’m with you”. Does he just think of her as a friend or……?

Gray’s Relationship with Juvia

Juvia fell in love with Gray at first sight during the fight between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord. With her love appeal escalating each passing day since she joined Fairy Tail, are Gray’s feelings getting somewhat wavered?! It seems like ice and water magic are compatible with each other…?!

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The text in Gray's Love Section


Major thanks to BluecChuii for the scan:


Here’s the complete Japanese text in Gray’s “Love” section that i found on 2ch:





お互い気の置けない仲間" といったところか。



GrayLu = Friendzoned.
Gruvia = Teased/hinted at something going on between them.


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